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At Toss Thai, we aspire to bring you the tastiest, healthiest and most delicious dishes from across Southeast Asia.  We searched high and low, from the street vendors in Thailand to the five-star restaurants of Hong Kong, to bring you Asia’s most delectable dishes.

Our Executive Chef, Lin Wang, has created an exquisite menu that combines traditional family style Asian cuisine with the freshest locally sourced ingredients.  As a young apprentice in China, he learned the secrets of delectable cuisine. Moving to Canada in 1980, he became the Executive Chef of Hong Kong New World. His clientele ranged from former prime minister Mr. Brian Mulroney to ordinary Canadians in search of a truly divine dining experience. Lin has always focused on working with natural and, whenever possible, locally sourced ingredients. He believes great tasting food starts with great tasting ingredients.

All of Toss Thai's dishes are made from scratch.  There are no bottled products here. Each morning, we juice our limes for our sauces, mix a dozen different spices for our curries and handcraft each and every dumpling.  We take no short cuts.  We are committed to serving you the very best.

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